DMA Problems with PX 760A

i have one problem with my 760a. it is only running in pio mode. if i switch it to udma insert an dvd/cd my system slow down and i have to reboot. after the reboot my recorder is in pio mode.
the 760a is the only drive on the ide port(intel ich7 port).
i try it with other drive and it works.
i send the 760a back to plaxtor and get an new one and it dit not work.
i try it with different cables but always the same.
in pio mode it works fine but very slow. but this is no solution.

i don’t no what else i can do

Do you have installed MS-IDE drivers or the one Intel proposes for it’s chipset? It’s best to use MS drivers. Most third-party IDE drivers have one problem or another when it comes to optical drives.

i uses the intel driver under winxp and the ms driver under vista, but there is no difference

Uninstalling the IDE channel in Device Manager usually helps. If not, I’d try another ribbon cable yet (80-wire!).

i’d treyed three different cables and deinstall the channel dit not work