DMA problems with my TDK 161040!?

I have a TDK 161040 (Plextor 161040a rebadge) and I am having some strange problems with it. In win98se I cannot read at over 16-17x data OR audio. It will burst to 20-30x for a second or two and then drop down to 4x and STAY there. In win2k pro I was able to get the read up to 33x or so but then suddenly the drive craps out and slows wayyy down to 4x.

DMA is enabled in both win98se and win2k pro. I cannot find anything about dma mode settings in win98se. I have a Microstar BX Master motherboard. TDK is primary master and I have a Samsung 32x as secondary master.

I am using these programs to test speeds:

TransferSpeed v0.99.2
CD Speed 99 v0.8b

I’m no expert but I suggest that you try running your drive at PIO-4 mode rather than UDMA.

UDMA was originally setup for IDE HARD DRIVES. Many CD-Rom drives don’t work well and will go into retry modes when run on UDMA.

Actually this is both a Hewlett Packard and Plextor recommendation.

I am running an ACER 52X reader as UDMA but I run the Plextor 241040A in PIO mode. I’ve never checked speeds but both work great. The plextor will create coasters in UDMA mode. I don’t use it for reading.

Hope this helps.