DMA problems with Asus DRW-1608P2S

I used to think that an 8x burn of a full 4.7 GB data disc normally took 2 hours and 30 minutes.

But I read something about enabling DMA.
(I’m on a Windows 98 SE system BTW.)

So I tried that, for my HDD first (80 GB WD, primary master, no slave)
And suddenly, my PC won’t even boot unless in safe mode.

I almost literally struggled in safe mode, while almost crying in frustration, and after four hours, I just removed all drives, IDE controllers, and whatnot, and everything started working again.

And then, after some research, I read in a lot of forums that mobos with a VIA chipset (why me? :frowning: ) had problems with stuff like UDMA, etc. and was forced in PIO, or whatever that meant.

But I found someone who said that the solution was installing the new chipset drivers (VIA 4-in-1, or something).

So I tried it.
And then (very very hesistantly, with shaking fingers to match) enabled DMA on my HDD.
And it worked!

Now my burning time was reduced to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Still disgustingly far from the 5-10 minute estimate of Nero.

So I (also hesistantly) enabled DMA on the DVD writer.
(ASUS DRW-1608P2S, Secondary Master, no slave).

And suddenly, it wouldn’t boot again!
I restarted in safe mode, and removed all IDE drivers, and CD/DVD drives.

After that, Windows booted normally again.
Then detected the IDE drivers, and asked for a restart.
And then hanged on startup again!!

I’ve been doing this for a month now.
I’m almost crying in frustration.

Can anyone help?

Windows 98 SE
VIA Chipset Motherboard
ASUS DRW-1608P2S, Secondary Master, No slave

also, if it would help, I’m still using the old IDE cable I had.
I don’t think using the cable in the box would make a difference… would it?

Via has had some issues lately! But before you buy a new box!
PLEX 716 and PIO 109/110 must always be a master! You know that! If it was working as a slave then you da man! Go back to slave and see what happens!
Go to your MOBO site and update your BIOS and MOBO drivers and bios settings! You will need drivers for the 110 since you are using 98! good luck on that one! Maybe Pio has some 98 drivers? But most likely it will be your MOBO site!
I think Microsoft has deleted support for 98! So it’s time for XP man and or a new box!
List all your burning software!
Old IDE cable! So if its an old box and cable it probably will not do UMDA4! So go back to slave and you can always try a new cable! But its time for a box man!

You need an 80 conductor 40 pin IDE cable for the burner. Also Win 98 is not reliable, I would backup whatever data you want to save, then format the drive and install xp pro.

Check the BIOS settings, especially for DMA.
Make sure the burner is set up as MASTER drive and connected with an 80wire IDE cable.
It should run in UDMA4 mode then.

Bootup in SAFE MODE and try to fix the problems in Devicemanager.

Chef! Can you make an old box do UMDA4? Just curious! I think he is hosed!

The BIOS / mobo has to support that with the onboard IDE controller, or the last chance is to use an extra IDE controller which can use optical drives (like those with SIL chipsets).

Useful thread:

Mr.Chef, how do i know that i using a 80 conductor 40 pin IDE cable? i’m using GIGABYTE board model GA-7S748, for AMD… i’m quite new to this kind of stuff, sorry if i bothering u… thx

sorry about post above, now i know the 80 conductor 40 pin, but my problem haven solve…

If your 110 runs in UDMA 4 mode, it’s most likely connected with an 80 conductor IDE cable.

80 wires and 40 pins!