DMA problem?

I’ve got a Pioneer 107d secondary master, a Creative CDRW secondary slave and a Maxtor Diamond Plus 80GB Primary Master.first of all:is this the right configuration for these devices?Then:Nero info Tool tells me that for all of them DMA is enabled but during the boot,on that black screen that appears only for a few seconds i can read that the Pioneer is ATA 33 and the Creative PIO4,why this?Is there something wrong?

go to device manager, select IDE/ATAPI controllers, click on secondary controller and see for certain the transfer mode. If the creative is in PIO mode, either set the mode to ‘DMA if available’ and restart the machine, or u can just uninstall the secondary controller, then right click and select ‘scan for hardware changes’ for it to redetect.

Under Windows only DVD region free tells me that DMA is not enabled,Device manager,Nero info ttol and all other applications tells me that it’s enabled.My problem is that during the boot i see Pioneer 107d-ATA33 and Creative 8438X-PIO4