DMA problem

I have a Sony D26A flashed to a Liteon 1693S KS09 in the master position and a Liteon DVD-ROM position [both are set on cable select]. I am able to get Ultra DMA Mode 2 on the master device, but can only get PIO on the slave device. I tried switching them and got the same result, so I have to do both reading and burning w/ the 1693S. I am guessing I need a new cable, and am wondering if that sounds right. If so, would need advice on a new cable [what type and setup]. Any help would sure be appreciated; it is a bit beyond my level.

I think a new ultra dma cable (80 wire) would be a sensible start. You could just try setting the master device to master & the slave to slave rather than cable select as some older cables might not work too well, whereas all the newer cables should be fine.

Thanks for the advice, I should be able to find the right cable now. There are so many different types that it was difficult to choose. I will also set drives on master and slave to be on the safe side. Thanks again.

If the drive does not share an IDE channel with your OS install, try uninstalling the IDE channel where the drive resides and let Windows pick it up again on reboot. In XP (assumption alert!) when it receives a certain number of errors from a device it will downgrade to the slower speed, and removing just the drive in device manager is not enough to reset it. Also, you might try a firmware update to see if you get less drive errors.

40 wires cable is enough for about 98% of optical drives as most run at maximum ata33/udma2 (except few recently out drives which work at ata66/udma4)

Stick with the 80 wire cable. You’ll be glad you did. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that a new cable will be solving your problem. Although a 80-wire cable is always the better option, the 40-wire one should work just fine. Lots of mainboards still come with a 40-wire cable for optical drives, that’s not because they don’t work with them :wink:

For starters, I would get rid of the cable select setting. Why not decide yourself what device should be master and slave. That could be the solution to your problem.

If not, get into the Windows device manager and delete the IDE channel your opticals are on. Now reboot and let Windows redetect the channel (should be happening automatically). Chances are fair that this will work as a solution :slight_smile: