Dma problem ,i am despair

the dma for the secondary channel is disabled . why ?
i have tried :
1)install /uninstall secondary channel and dvd-rom and cd-rw
2)miniport drivers for via ,but when i install it i cannot see the devices in my computer .
3)dmafix is not working
4)pushdma is old ,so my udma5 on harddisk going to udma2
5)registry fixes ,like deleting the idchecksum
6)format and install the windows xp pro
7)is not a device problem ,because my dvdrom or cd-rw working ok in primary channel with udma2
8)for one time the dma was multiworld 2 ,but only one !
9)latest and old chipset drivers
10)change cable on dvd nad cd-rw / jumpers are ok .
system : teac dv-516d ,sony crx230ed,athlon xp 1700,msi k7t with kt266a

you checked your bios and make sure DMA or auto is set for the IDE channels there?

bios is ok .

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: