Dma -> Pio



I have a problem.
I have burnt a samsung DVD-R General.
Plays wel on PC and Standalone player.
When i try to make a copy from de VIDEO_TS to my harddisk, then i get something strange.
The DMA on my IDE is normally on 4, but with this 1 disk i get my IDE on PIO, and then i have a big problem. Non of the DVD’s i have burnt he recognise in WINDOWS XP. BUT ONLY wen i try to copy. When i let PowerDVD play the DVD, she play’s well. But copy don’t go.

Then i need to go in the system, delete my IDE port and restart the PC. Then Windows XP reinstall the drive and the IDE port and everything is normally.
When i put back that 1 Samsung DVD in my BTC 1008 i get the same problem and i need to uninstall the IDE channel and make a restart.
This DVD plays well with powerdvd and also in the standaloneplayrer, but i can’t copy.
Not Copy VIDEO-TS to HD,
Not making an image file.
When i trie to read the track i get this strange problem and only with this DVD. I have burnt many DVD’s from samsung and others, never had a problem

Ho nows wat’s going on with this DVD???

AMD 2000 XP
BTC 1008 Latest firmware from LiveUpdate
Windows XP
Nero 6.3.
256 MB Ram
Bios DMA is set to 4


Are there any programs (like DVD decryptor or winDVD launchers) accessing the DVD when you are trying to copy the Video_TS folder?

AnyDVD may also cause errors?

Have you run a scan of the disc to ensure that it doesn’t have alot of read errors?

What’s the exact error that you get?


Since you made a mention of LiveUpdate I’m assuming you are using an MSI Motherboard of some variety? What motherboard is it? One thing you can do, and this solved my DMA woes, is to open up your case and swap your primary IDE cable for the secondary and secondary for primary. It’s not supposed to work but for the KT133/KT133A chipset it does! I hope that helps. :slight_smile: