DMA/PIO Mode, need some help please

While checking my Primary/Secondary IDE channels, i found this…

All the other Primary/Secondary ide channels Settings are set to DMA If Available, Except the one shown in the above screenshots, should i change this one to Dma if available too or what?
Many thanks’s in advance :smiley:

yes…most likely

what’s the device?

Device 1 is the slave then it’s be my normal cd-rom, although its not the dvd-rw, should i set it to Dma if available ?

dma is always preferable where possible. it should get you faster transfer rates. although to be honest, i am not so sure if it really makes a difference with a cd-rom drive, but it can’t hurt only help.

ok thanks friend :smiley:

no problem :slight_smile:

It deffinantly doesn’t hurt to have all ODD and HDD drives running on highest UDMA as possible :wink: