Dma?-pio?-I dont Know

First let me say that all my back ups are just fine and all seems well.I’m using DVD platinum and operating system is Vista. All my burn logs show that my drives- a Lite-On LH-20AIS and TSST TS-H6531 are in PIO mode.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the controller, running the reset the dma script, and resetting the drives in the bios to factory default, the burn log states I’m in pio mode.

After looking around the forums I come across the Nero info tool. I check my configuration on the burners and it says the DMA mode is on. What up?

Just thought of this. Check the Task Manager when backing up, it would give me the cpu usage. That might give a clue. Also when I was in the Bios, the Sata controller has three modes, IDE,RAID, and AHC1. It is in Raid mode.

To back up just the main movie takes the TSST about 33 minutes, the Lite-On about 15 minutes. Any sugestions.


For what I know there is no DMA setting for SATA drives. DMA is only for IDE drives.

Well---- Little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.Not only do I feel like an idiot, but I’m really confused now. Both my burners are SATA. I have SATA controllers. DVD plat says PIO mode, Nero info tool says DMA is on.

If its not broke don’t fix it. Thanks for your reply, Mark