DMA Modus doesnt work anymore!

Ive got Windows XP final german and i wanted to flash my plex 24 from v1.01 to v.102
the webpage said i should disable udma for the update and so i did, i patched drive, everything fine
But then i wanted to reenable dma, so i switched back to “use dma if available” (or sth, dont know exactly in english ;-)). But nothing changed. I rebooted, the plex drive (primary slave) stayed in Pio Mode. I disabled DMA in Bios and set Pio mode to 4 and hoped that xp would though recognize dma.
But no luck here. I think i almost tried everything, i even patched the plex drive back to 1.01. But no success.
I searched the whole net for a “force dma” tool, but didnt find one.

I hope you can help me!! It suxx to burn and the whole system stucks :confused: (The burner is working fine, but performance is awful, 100% cpu, mouse almost doesnt move anymore)

Thank you

you can mail me, too


Uhm, try uninstalling the driver from your device manager. Then reboot without the drive hooked on and set “use dma if available”.
Then reboot again with the drive hooked on.

See what happens.

hm got it to work
i had to uninstall the primary ide controller (!)
rhen reboot, make the dma settings, reboot again
and it worked

atm im resizing my hds, redhat 7.2 is waiting… :slight_smile:
win suxx so badly…

greetz and thx



I’ve been using WIn and Linux and Beos for some time now …

BeOS Rulez them All !!!

personally I DON’T like LINUX and it’s ohhhh so easy to install programs on shit !