DMA modes

My drive produces error in Ultra DMA mode 4, due to a firmware bug in many Pioneer drives, so I put it down to “Multi word” DMA 2.

How will this effect it’s preformance? I have a 16x speed DVD writer, so will it prevent me from reaching the high speeds?

Can someone please explain what PIO, DMA, “Multi word” and Ultra DMA are to me?

Should I be concerned that it doesn’t reach Ultra DMA modes? Will an update to my motherboard BIOS correct the situation?

should work fine in udma 2, you can test your burst rate using cd/dvd speed so long as you get over 20 you`ll be ok

No not UDMA mode 2. Just DMA mode 2

I got 14 with a DVD+RW and 13 with a Data CD.

What is the burst rate?

its the rate at which data can be read from you drive.

i don`t know if using a RW will give lower readings try it with a dvd R.

With a DVD-ROM I get 14 MB/s

WHat if I set it to a weird UDMA mode?

I tried Ultra DMA mode 2 (It is ussposed to be 4) and it seemed to work fine. When I went to Ultra DMA mode 4 it gave me a Logic unit communication crc error. Does using Ultra DMA modes that were no specified as supported by the product hurt?

Oh I see. 80 pin cables are needed for Ultra DMA modes above 2

Solved. It supports: Ultra DMA modes above 2

Ultra DMA modes above 4 requires an 80 pin cable. Upon opening my computer I see only my hard drives have it.