DMA mode and Lsass error



I tried to install DvdFab on my XP Sp3. It’s a new installation on a formatted pc so it is one of first program installed after the only SO install (so about a “virgin” pc)
When I finished Fab asked me if “Reset DMA”, I said Yes and restart, but the PC became freezed
At restart the process is blocked and a “Lsass.exe” error exit, the pc loops.
I tried F8 and “Safe Mode” but the Lsass error is here again and the pc is always freezed and doesn’t start, loops again

After 2 “Format” and re-install XP I decided not to select “DMA mode” and the pc seems now safe without error

But why that error ?
And how to make a safe install of DvdFab ?

Now I deselected “Check for DMA automatically” because I don’t want to format and reinstall for the third time Xp and all my programs. DVDFab works and the pc too

I made a search in the forum but I don’t find a similar case/error

the Lsass error is “an invalid parameter has been given to a service or a function”