Dma mode 2

I have noticed that hard drive and nec 3540 are on primary dma enabled, mode 5. Whereas second hard drive and Benq 1640 are on secondary dma enabled mode 2. Is there a reason for the mode 2 and is there a problem by being on mode 2 and should I try to change?

Are you sure that DMA-5 is not referred only to HD? For what I know a burner can go max @DMA-4 (my liteon is an example).

For benq DMA-2 is OK

First image is Primary IDE channel
Second image is Secondary IDE channel

Well, I’m confused. I appologize, but I think mine is setup similar to yours. The two hard drives are on the primary channel at mode 5 and nec 3540 is on secondary master and the benq 1640 is on secondary slave, but they are both showing mode 2. (Seems like there should be somewhere in the system that could tell you which mode and controller you are on without opening up the computer.)

Both the Nec 3540 and the BenQ 1640 operate in UDMA 2 mode (highest DMA setting for the drives you have) so your set up is right on AFAIK.:wink:

I’d mix it up a bit.

Having 1 HD & 1 burner on each channel would be a better solution.

No I don’t think so. I agree with the other posters DMA mode 2 is correct for the drives you have. Mixing the channels as you suggest may slow your system down which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve as I read it.

ok i have sata hdd so how does that work…And i have two primary ide channels what gives…