DMA jumper setting on the back of drive


On the back of my 807A on the jumper settings for IDE master , slave and cable select the first set of pins : has DMA above it, do I need to jump these pins as well as the master pins or on there own to use DMA ?

Thanks in advance

I do have DMA activated in properties .

Forgot to mention that on bootup the drive on IDE secondary master shows up as an ATA33 connection.

Assuming you mean 708 :slight_smile: you should leave the jumper alone. It sets the interface speed back to PIO mode and is intended to provide compatibility with older systems.

You don’t need the jumper. With the jumper off, the drive defaults to UDMA (33MB/sec). With the jumper on, the drive is in multiword DMA or PIO at 16MB/sec. You only need the jumper if you’re experiencing some problems with bus transers, generally found in the oldest systems or with some chipsets.

If the IDE properties are checked to have current transfer mode as UDMA, the drive should work fine.

Firstly thanks for the help and quick replies .

Secondly Im using nero 6 ultra (in expert setting , hence the time showing) and Ritek grade a media dvd+r dvds. Now when I burn a full dvd it shows up in nero that its burning at 8x speed and the time counts down from 6.30 mins to 0. BUT the dvd is nt fully burnt and finished until total time hits 12 min? So is nero saying its burning at 8 speed but the plextor is playing safe and burning at 4 speed ?

Plextor PX-708A 1.03 and using Ritek dvd’s (RICOHJPNR01)

A 12 minute burn sound like a 4x recording process. When you do a recording process with Nero, how long does it take for the progress bar to reach 100%? From your information it sounds like the lead-out writing of the disc takes a long time, which it shouldn’t. I hope you understand what I mean :wink:

Since you have Nero, sacrifice a disc and use DVD Speed “Create Disc” to graph a burn. A high quality disc will start at 6x and switch to 8x at about 700kB. It should write at 8x for the rest of the disc. The graph also will give you the elapsed time. If it doesn’t get to 6x or 8x, or drops during the write, the media is less than high quality.

hi G@M3FR3@K the progress bar reachs 100% at roughly 12 mins . When i first insert the blank disc the timer counts down from 6mins 30 secs but when it hits zero the total progress bar is only half way.

Bob I will try what u have said and report back.

Thx again both of u.

Copying 4261 mb writing at 8x (11,080 kb)

running time 6mins 45 secs but when I hit zero the Completed bar reads 92%

100% in 7mins 54 secs

stops (drawer opens) 8min 23 sec

I ran your data test Bob and like you said it started at speed 6.04x and ended at speed 8.22x. The elapsed time was 8 mins 35 secs

The type was CLV (whatever this means??)
Length 4.38 GB
Speed 6X CLV (7.35x average)

Any ideas? I also seem to be using a setting in nero UDF/ISO Disc I aint got much idea about my nero settings or even for that matter the way Im burning on it?

Thx again

I downloaded and ran Plextors CDVDinfo program on starting it I got a message about :

Winaspi32.dll V1.0.0.0 detected

It also said this version may cause problems with some hardware and it is recomended to “update this ASPI layer” ? WHAT does all this mean any1 know?

Thx in advance !

After that the program ran and gave me the info on the DVD:


Certified Write Speed - 2.4x 4x

Manufacture ID - RICOHJPN

Media ID - RO1

Product revision - 02

DVD 4.38 GB

Anyway this disc seems to be burning at best at 6x not at 8x speed as Nero says. Any1 else using these discs and getting 8x speed?

Jep I have used these discs too and they work at 8x here.

But not all RICOHJPN discs are the same, some may work better than others. The ASPI error you get can be solved by installing a new ASPI layer on your system. The FAQ has a small section that deals with ASPI. If you need more help, just ask of course.

The CLV recording process means “Constant Linear Velocity”. This means that the recording speed is kept the same throughout the disc. The Plextor PX-708A actually use the Z-CLV (Z stands for Zone) recording method. You can find out what this means here.

Thx G@M3FR3@K

I will update the ASPI Layers thingy ma bob straight away but dont be suprised if the asking for help turns into a yell !! Cheers m8.

One more thing how did u post that picture?

Thx in advance

PS. I will post back how I get on.

I just happened to look back at that pic. of yours and noticed the finished time was 8 mins 1 second well if mines 8 mins 23 seconds am I burning at 8x (nero says it is??) or 6x speed?

I thought 8x speed would be around 6mins 30 seconds?

Thx again.

You have to remember that the drive has to write lead in and lead out in addition to the data, and the first 700MB+ is at 6x. The drive can’t run at 8x on the inner edge. The rotational speed would be too high. 8 min +/- a few seconds is average for an “8x” burn. Difference in systems could cause some burn-proof events, adding a few seconds, and most media, if it has problems, will generally have it at the outer edge. This could cause a drop in speed for the last few MB and give you a slightly longer time.

Cheers Bob that clears it up then Im burning at 8x speed !

Yes you are, trust us :wink: