DMA issues with SH-W162


I have a pretty crazy issue that someone may be able to help with.

We have 100 of the above Samsung DVD Burners installed in a new project we are working on. The main role of these systems is to read Audio CD’s and store the audio on the machines for use.

The problem we are having is that when trying to read the audio, the drive is crashing out.

In the windows Event Viewer we get

Event ID: 9
Source: atapi
The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout period.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at… blah blah

The software crashes and we are unable to read. Before we attempt to read the audio, in the Primary IDE Channel Properties, Transfer Mode is set to “DMA If Available”. After it has crashed out, we get “PIO Only”.

If we replace the SH-W162 with any other drive, the error disappears.

The setup is as follows:

Intel D945GNTLKR Board
Samsung DVDRW SH-W162 (tried updating firmware to TS10)
Seagate 200Gb Barracuda Drive
1Gb Intel Certified RAM

Anyone with any ideas at all? All help is greatly appreciated.

Does this problem occur on all audio cds or just on some ? Does it also occur on audio cds you have burned ? Does it work fine with data cds ? What kind of ide cables do you use ? Is the drive the only drive on the ide cable ?

  1. This problem occurs on all audio CD’s that have been tried (approx 20 different types ranging from originals to burnt copies)

  2. The drives work fine with data CD’s so far.

  3. Normal IDE cables are being used straight onto the mobo.

  4. The drive is the only one on the IDE cable. The HDD is a SATA drive.

Over the weekend we purchased a few other brands (LG and Pioneer) with the same specs and tested them in the configuration and they both worked perfectly (without any other changes at all - basically turn the system off, plug in the other DVD drive and turn it back on).

Samsung Engineering are proving to not be helpful and keep telling us it is the software however I find this hard to believe given that EVERY other brand of drive we have tried works perfectly.

At this stage I am about to go out and buy 100 LG’s as they worked very well in the system and send back all the Samsung’s.