DMA enabled? [new IDE drvr installed]

I use Win89 SE
Before installing new drivers for PCI to EIDE: SiS 5596/5513,
I was using Windows generic drivers and I had 3 sections for Drives in device manager:
CD-Rom drives
Disk drives
Hard drives

Now I have just 2 sections
CD-ROM drives
Disk drives

My hard drives are in disk drives section now with the floppy drive.
I used to have a check box for DMA in each of my CD-ROM drives and Hard drives.
Now there is no check box for DMA.
In BIOS UDMA is enabled and reports as mode 4 upon bootup
Also when I read the release.txt with the drivers it mentions this for Windows 95:

“Automatically detect IDE device’s mode ( PIO, DMA, or Ultra-DMA ), then run its optimal mode.”

If my drives are running in DMA or Ultra DMA, How do I know?
Is there a place in the registry where I can look?
In Win 95, there is a section in sys.ini that “loads” DMA/UDMA (as mentioned in the readme for the drivers.)
There is no mention in the readme as to how one can tell which mode is loaded in Windows 98

Thank you for reading this

Pentium III @ 600mhz
256MB Ram
HDD #1 10GB
HDD #2 20GB
Plextor PX-708A DVD±R ±RW
Toshiba SD-M1402 DVD reader
Win98SE and all updates as of Sept 03
Adaptec Aspi 4.60