DMA-Driver error, CRC error

Hello all, with my 6750A drive I can sometimes burn off discs, but the majority of times get the following errors:

Dma-driver error, crc error

and then the disc will not burn.

This happens on DVD data, CD data (not as often) and CD Audio.(various brands!)

My drive has FW 2.42 and Nero is6.6.1.4

Please someone help…as the Fujitsu Helpdesk were no help at all!!! And to honest, do not really want to return the laptop (again!).

Sorry if this is a double post!


Have you loaded the appropriate chipset drivers for your laptop? Also is this using WinXP SP2 with all the latest updates?

The laptop is brand new, and I have epdated XP SP2…

what are the other drivers you mention?


If this is an Intel chipset, then the latest chipset INF software is here.

Identify your chipset first using either Intel’s chipset identfier or use something like CPU-Z.

Also make sure your IDE drivers are the stock Microsoft ones, not something from Intel.

Thanks for all the help, it is a VIA chipset. I have updated the driver and STILL it gives the same error!!!

I think the best bet is to return it!


Thanks for all the help, but the laptop is going back to be replaced with a new one :cool: