DMA Confusion

I have just installed a second HDD which is IDE. I have connected it in series with my DVD burner both connected to my IDE2 port on the Motherboard.

My System HD is a SATA connected to SATA0 port on Motherboard.

I am currently getting Multi-word DMA mode 2…where as prior to the installatio of the second disk I had Ultra DMA mode 4 for both primary and secondary.

What have I done wrong???

Have a look at this thread and see if it helps.:slight_smile:

I may have just answered my own question…

The second HDD I installed is a relatively old one…8.4Gb Seagate…year 2000 stamped on it… Could this be the culprit???

The thread I posted has good info. If all else fails and you are booted to your S ATA Hard drive try deleting the IDE Channel (in device manager) with the drive on it and restart Windows. Windows will reinstall the IDE channel on restart.