DMA channel

Happy New Year to everybody!!!
This is my first post.
Since I recently purchased DVDFab, each time I run it, a dialogue box come up and says my DMA channel is not running, and do I want to run it?. My questions are:

  1. What is DMA Channel?
  2. If I run it, will it affect other programs?
  3. If I run it and it mucks somethingelse, can I revert back to “not having it run”?

Thank you

Yeah you for sure want to access your optical drive via “DMA if available”. This won’t hurt a thing, at least it never has on my machine.

Yup, as 90312 said, you won’t hurt anything by “running”.
On the other hand, you shouldn’t be getting the dialogue box everytime you use Fab.
There is no downside to having your optical drives in DMA mode…all modern burners are supposed to be in Ultra DMA mode, all the time.

Let me post a couple of links that will help you out.
Be back…:wink: