DMA Causes verification errors



Help. Am having consistent verification errors writing Data DVDs on an NEC 3500AG when DMA enabled. BUT when writing the same data onto the same media type on the same drive using PIO, no errors occur. Error reports are real - validated using Vdata.

Have latest BIOS for DVD (V2.18) also tried using latest VIA IDE support (MB is Epox 8KRA2 using VIA KT600 chipset) instead of XP IDE support, but same problem occurs. Have ried using both IDE channels and with different cables (40 and 80) but problem the same. Have also used variety of media and writing software, but problem always the same - ‘DMA enabled’ creates errors, ‘PIO enabled’ does not.

Any thoughts, please?



Operating system = ?


Sorry. XP Pro. Ron


Remove both IDE channels in Device Manager and reboot. Burn a DVD movie. Make sure all devices are running in DMA mode. Burn a DVD movie using AnyDVD and CloneDVD (download at If okay, then the problem is with your burn software. There is no difference between data and movie. Use ISO format when you created data. DO NOT use packet writing software. Also use high quality Made in Japan media and keep the burn speed at 4X when testing.