DMA and bios1

I was wondering how do I get into the bios? I want to check the dma there to make sure it is on dma cause of low burn speeds

RTFM of your Mainboard

I dont understand what does this mean RTFM?

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If by chance you don’t have tha manual to your motherboard, on some PC’s it sometimes displays the key(s) to hit on the early stages of booting.
It may refer to it as setup. If that doesn’t appear, just do a google search for the manufacturer of your computer. I was able to find the setup key using ths method for a neighbors Compaq Presario he had no model for.

If it’s a home built machine and you have no manual you will have to open the case and get the manufacturer of the motherboard and pay a visit to their site.
Many of them have free manuals available at their sites.

Edited: I see from your other posts you are having slow burning problems for some time now and you want to check if it’s bios related since Device Manager is seeing the burner set to DMA.
Click on the below link and read post # 4, it’s quite informative regarding DMA.
I would still try to get into the bios though and confirm it is set there before attempting any registry tweaks.

Mash “delete” a bunch of times while your PC is starting up, on the first screen where you see the logo and the memory test.

If not “delete”, try “f2”. That covers 99% of PC’s.

And oh yeah… RTFM.


If you cannot RTFM - then google-

DMA is rarely an issue on the BIOS level… It’s usually because of Windows XP being dumb. Uninstall the IDE Channel it’s on, let Windows re-install it, and your DMA will be reset.