DM168D Help Fix/Revive



hello i have Cyberdrive 168D DVD-ROM Drive and i mistakenly updated firmware with patched firmware from to make it region-free without updating first the drives firmware to the full version the patch was made( patch was for 110G, and i havent updated my drive to 110G version yet…) now, my drive wont light up, tray wont open when i press eject, and computers justs gets stuck at post screen when its detecting ide devices…

pls help me recover or somehow fix this… thanks…


“full version”, what are you talking about??


nevermind… i have solved my problem…

what i did was to boot into pure dos,and then attach drive… i erased eeprom using latest MTKFLASH and flashed a version 110J i found on the net… now its working…


Where did you get the firmware, and how did you flash??

I have a DM168D with 110G firmware, according to Nero Infotool It can read DVD-RW but mine can’t.

I want to upgrade my firmware to see if this will fix it


Don’t believe what Infotool tells you…


Funny because cyberdrive’s website also says it supports DVD-RW…

I did flash the drive with a 110K file I found on the internet, but after that the drive refused to do anything except blink the LED at me. I hooked it up to my old pentium 1 and flashed back to 110G in DOS, it works again now but still won’t read DVD-RW’s :rolleyes:


DVD-RW is not DVD-RW, and the available filesystems does make it not easier…
DVD-RW comes in different specs and revisions.

4x -RW
6x -RW


I can understand the different filesystems, but how can different speed DVD-RW’s work differently??

though now that I think about it, I remember a 24x CD-RW I had refused to burn in a 12x CD-RW drive… I guess it would be something like that??


Yes, kinda similar.