DLNA Inconsistent

I’ve been streaming movies from my Synology DS211 to my Sony BDP-S590 Blu-ray in the living room for awhile now but noticed recently all of my movies won’t play correctly. Maybe they never played well. Can’t be sure since I tend to rip them to my NAS and may not watch them for weeks. Most do play correctly, but some skip and jump like there’s not enough bandwidth even though the video file (mp4) plays fine on my laptop. My network connection is wired so I know it’s not a wireless performance issue. The same movies that skip when using DLNA in my Sony play fine if I use my iPad and Apple TV.

Not sure where to start looking for the problem. Is it the Sony DVD, my router (Linksys E3000), or what??

Ideas anyone??

You can always load the movies onto a disc or thumb drive (if that model of player supports it) and try to play some of the faulty movies from local media. This will see if the Sony can properly play them at all.

I often have the same problem with dlna/upnp media servers.
it often found down to poor server implementation.

I’ve gone all smb to avoid the problem.

Sorry the response is not helpful.

can can you try a cross-over cable directly linked between your nas and sony player. it will help determine whether the devices are the problem or your wider network.

I copied one of the movies to a flash drive and the DVD player plays it fine so here’s what we know: It works when using a source connected directly to the player (flash drive) and it works when using an iPad/Apple TV as a source so the problem (assumption) must be the electronics in the Blu-ray player itself. There are no published specs on it so it’s hard to tell. Are there any other dlna complient “black boxes” out there I could use that take an ethernet (cat5/6) in and Hdmi out specifically for this configuration?