Dling the safest way possible



Hello all. I new and I wanted to know if I can get some advice ona few things.
I know there is no 100% way to dl movies/music etc. and not have a chance of getting caught. Basicly what I want to know is what should I do the increase my chances of notn gettting in trouble. Any plugins/apps that can help keep me stay “stealth” I am not some crazy dl/uper who has 100s of movie files and cds, I am just one paranoid person. Tips on what to use/what not and whast good and what sucks. Thanks for the Help!


oh and I have that safepeer plugin btw.


You might want to check out Freenet:


It claims to provide anonymity. It was designed to ensure free speech on the internet.

An alternative might be to use a usenet server with no logging. Some usenet providers claim they keep no logs but I don’t think that we can really be 100% sure that they really do not keep logs.


not exactly what I am looking for, but thanks for the effort.


Try This Thread


Thanks for the link, I get the point. Guess I just shouldent take the risk, even if it i only a few songs. Thnaks Guys.