I inserted a new HP dvd+r 8x dvd into my dvd writer and a message came up that DLA needed to format the blank media before use… the HP dvd+r 4x dvd’s i have don’t do this which is strange to me… but i click okay to format. After done… i drag and drop all my files into the dvd drive like i always do… and then i go to click write files to cd, but there was no such link. So i ejected the dvd and there were no files… then put it back in and they were there, and i was able to delete files… is this a new speed writing that doesn’t require the burning process? I put the disc in another computer and it ejected the cd after a few seconds. This is a dvd i am using for backing up an important folder… i need to make sure the files are in fact there.

Thank you for any help given :bow: