+DL writing performance. Any good non Verbatim out there?

Was wondering if anyones yet found any good DL disc’s which aren’t Verbatim? Just last time i checked everything was basically junk, so any good scans for burns on a Benq 1640?

I just tried some Ricoh DL’s, they burned ok and play ok in all my standalones, but the scans were slightly below the Verbatim quality.

But that’s still better than the bloody RITEK D01 DL’s which always stop at the second layer during the burning process ->> COASTER. I hope that the next firmware will at least reduce this problem.


My first ritek DL burn crashed at the layer break and it seems so far it was becuase Nero High compatibility mode was on, since I turned that off the thing at least burns the whole disk, not that it works all the way through or anything after :eek:

Fuji +DL with Ricoh code is another choice, altho scan not as good as Verbatim but as least they burn with above 90% Disc Quality.

Dynex +DL with same Verbatim code is also a good choice.

Avoid Memorex +DL with Ritek code, got a 25 pack for about C$1.35 each off a clearance table, tried 5, 4 coasters and the one which burnt barely made 80% Disc Quality. Sold the rest and got my money back.