DL Writing on the 3500



I would like to know a couple of things about writing DL discs.

  1. Am I ok with 2C8_SE firmware for DL writing? Is there a better one?
  2. Are there certain brands that you can’t write to with certain firmwares?
  3. When writing a DL disc, what is the best software to use?
  4. How do you know where to put the layer change?

Thanks for your help.


Has anyone had any experience with Verbatim DL dics?
I would like to try them out as I can buy them locally.



I am in the process of dubbing home movies to DVD+R DL. I use the Verbatim disks…and had firmware 2C8 SE for the first five burns…came out great. Only thing that bothered me…I use Sonic MyDVD 5.3 which is Dual Layer capable…you will notice the media break at 50%. I see a slight pause for a split second as the reader pauses to adjust to the second layer. No biggie…commercial disks have it as well, so no need to worry. As far as quality…excellent…and the burn was 4X as stated. Get the disks and give em a try…you’ll like it.



Bob, thanks for the reply. Are your Verbatime DL discs 4X? The ones I am looking at say 2.4X? Can these discs be burnt @ 4X

When I load my Ritek D01 disc in DVDInfo it says the Book Type is DVD+R, and I am running 2C8 fimware which is supposed to Auto set booktype to DVD-ROM?
DVDDecrypter also says the booktype is DVD+R?

Thanks for your help.


you have to burn the disc first before its set to dvd-rom.

your answer on burn speeds is here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=114473


My Verbatim DL disks are 2.4X and as acko advised…the software will close DVD-ROM…so do the burn and everything will fall into place…

Good Luck



Thanks guys, you were absolutely right. I just burnt my first DL disc (Ritek D01) @ 2.4X, (Predator SE). It now shows as a DVD-ROM.
I thought it might play in my old Toshiba SD2109, but no go, I get “Disc Error”. It plays in my Panasonic RP-82 no problem, but it plays everything I through at it.
Bob, on the box for the Verbatims, it has a little tag that says “Up To 4X Speed Compatible with DVD+R DL 4X Hardware”.


Here is my DL burn:


that looks like a fine burn :smiley: what software did you use?


I ripped the dvd using file mode in DVDDecrypter (should have used iso mode). Then I created an ISO using DVDShrink, then burnt with DVDDecrypter.
Next time I do a DL rip, I will use ISO mode.


I ripped the dvd using file mode in DVDDecrypter (should have used iso mode). Then I created an ISO using DVDShrink, then burnt with DVDDecrypter.

thanks rrecless, ive not tried 1 yet but iam sure curiosity will get the better of me soon.


Well, I just burnt my second DL disc, a Verbatim MKM_001 @ 4X. Again I used the files I ripped in DVDDecrypter in file mode. This time I just used Nero and burnt in DVD-Video mode @ 4X. This disc plays in everything I own :bigsmile:
My first burn on the Ritek D01 @ 2.4X only plays good in my Panny RP-82 standalone. I tried playing it in my PCs, laptop, and xbox, and it stutters alot in all of them, and doesn’t even play in my Toshiba standalone.
Anyway, here is a pic of this burn:

I will be waiting for the price to come down on these Verbatim discs, just wanted to try it out.


Well, I spoke too soon on this. I thought this second dvd was playing in my Panasonic RP-82, but all it played was the MGM intro on the movie then goes black and freezes the player up. I have to shut it down and restart it to get the disc out? It does however play in every other player I own.


I burnt another disc the same as my last one. This time I did the same as the first one and used DVDShrink to make an ISO image, then used DVDDecrypter to burn it onto another Verbatim (MKM-001) @ 4X. This disc now plays on everything fine, I verified this. I guess my Panasonic didn’t like the way Nero made the disc or something?


Nero made a $ 10.00 coaster for me, so staying clear of Nero now for DL, DVD Decrypter did a good job in ISO mode on the other 2 I burnt, plays in everything I have tried them in.


Did you actually burnt the ISO file with DVD Decypter?. How could you select the burn function on Decrypter?, I don’t see any option for burning Decrypter.


Hit W while in ISO mode


DVD Decypter is also a viable option for burning CD media if Nero stops working/
takes too long/whatever. The right-click menu implementation for DVD Decrypter
to burn discs is rather convienient.


I couldn’t get Verbatim DL disks to work in my NEC 3500 using Nero 6.6 or DVD decryptor. Kept getting “Calibration error” Cost me a coaster in DVD decryptor. Read about CopytoDVD on CDRinfo.com and used it with excellent results so far with the Verbatim DL disks burning at 4X. Never have found out why the calibration problems with Nero or DVD decryptor.