DL Write Error


I have a problem when I try to burn double layer DVD’s. I have successfully done it in the past but for some reason now I just can’t.

Here, in this photo are the drive characteristics

I use ImgBurn to burn the DL DVDs. From what I can tell the drive writes with no erros until the end. It’s in the verify section the errors come up. Specifically around the layer break. The log, from ImgBurn, from the lasted attemp is attached to this message.

Can someone tell me why is this particular problem happening? And what should I do to solve it?

By the way I should mention I’m using Verbatim DL DVDs.



The only thing I could see is that you should get another gig of memory.

Have you dropped the write speed to 6x, or even 4x, to see if that will help? It could be a slightly finicky drive with a just sub-par batch of media that, when combined, cannot handle 8x.

I agree with Albert, your drive is fairly old & the media is fairly new, 4X is my bet. Might have been better off using MKM001s. Do you have the Seamless box checked or unchecked? Have you also checked this out by playing it?

I have dropped the speed to 4x and there was also an error during the verify option. The log is attached.

The seamless option is unchecked and even before when I was able to write and verify the discs without finding any erros this option was unchecked.

I can play some of the discs and others I can’t. There are some discs that simply won’t load and others load and play fine for a little while until they jam for some reason.

Any suggestions?



ImgBurn Log.txt (11.5 KB)

Although this may prove costly, try a small pack [maybe of 3 discs] of Verbatim’s 2.4x DVD+R DL media, or try again with a different batch of 8x discs, to see if it is an issue with the batch of DL you have. If switching batches doesn’t work, it may be time for a drive that can do a better job on DL media.

Thanks for responding. Actually this is the fourth batch of DL in which the same error occurs. Either I’m incredibly unlucky or maybe it is time, as you said, to invest in a new drive.

Now, since the main use for it will be burning DL media, which drive do you recommend? Any brand in particular?


Short and sweet: Pioneer or Optiarc are currently the best choice for burning DL.

AD-7240S (note: it’s an SATA-only drive; sticking to PATA/IDE drives might be good since you currently use a PATA/IDE drive)


…where * can be a number or letter. :slight_smile:

If the drives you find don’t have these exact model numbers, it may just be slightly rebadged for retail distribution or such. You could probably get confirmation that the Pioneer or Optiarc is, in fact, a decent drive for writing DL.

Thanks a lot for your answers. I’ll try to find out where I can buy one those drivers.