DL vs SL burning with DW1650


So I recently upgraded to DW1650 and I’m extremely happy with how my SL
DVD’s come out, much improvement over what my old NEC 3540A was doing lately. I also finally settled on Verbatim DVD+R and DVD-R DL for all my burns as they came up with best scores with media I tried so far.
So, my first DL burn here with DW1650. The results are not as great as those compared to SL DVD’s. Is this typical for DL media ? Does this scan confirm good burn here ?

p.s When checked with QScan the media is not passing bruning higher than at 4x even though it’s rated at 8x (even says on the box up to 10x) so I burn these media at 4x as that’s the best QScan would pass.

henryd31, that’s one of the better +DL burns I’ve seen in this forum. Look at jitter on second layer, it’s just gorgeous. :clap:

Over the time you’ll see variations on any madia, even Verbatims.
Run a transfer rate test to see its smooth and play the disc in your standalone DVD player to check everything is okay.
Be happy. :smiley:

Thanks !

I was concerned about the PI Error rate with this burn, I know people usually ignore them as long as PI Failures and Jitter look good, and hey quality score came out to 97 !
Just wasn’t sure whether the rate of those PI Errors meant anything significant here.

Yes, I’m happy now :slight_smile:

Hi, I made another burn and this one looks bit worse, so I also ran the benchmark on it. Does the benchmark confirm anything here ? Still trying to understand these results…

Apart from the high PIE’s on the first layer it’s OK. Benqs use the measured jitter to evaluate these readings and as you see jitter is higher on the first layer. Scanning in a Liteon without jitter measurement switched on would probably show a might lower PIE level.

When firmware version BCHC was issued many had problems with it which I think BCIC resolved. Personally I stuck with BCFC.

The PIE/PIF reported by a LiteOn drive don’t depend on whether jitter scanning is enabled or not apart from normal variance between scans, at least not in my experience. In most cases a LiteOn scan will show lower PIE/PIF than a BenQ scan, but not always.

has anyone found mkm 003 to be better than mkm 001?