DL Verb deal on a regular basis

For those of us in the US, there is a new option. The 10 packs of DL Verbatim at Officemax are available for $15USD+tax. Some Officemax’s keep them on stock locally, others do not. Either way, you can order them online and if you order 4 packs or more it is free shipping (You will still probably have to pay state sales tax if there is an officemax in your area). Either way it works out to be the same as the 20 for $30+tax deal that Bestbuy has every couple of months, the advantage here is that this seems to be a pretty regular deal so you should be able to get this just about any time you want. www.officemax.com

Thanks Jes; just got back from Office Max to see if it was the same in-store and it was. There were 12 or so there and I bought two. It’ll be interesting to see what the sale price is in stores on these now that Office Max has lowered the bar on the regular price.

this find is a gold mine
Great!!! job

also use a $10 or $20 off coupon to sweeten the deal
OM coupons are usually one time use
but can be found at E-bay

or even buy at BB for $35 and then get PM = Another $2 off per pack

What are the $10-$20 off coupon codes?

nice find, no officedepot near me but still good with free shipping. running low on DL with the increase of DVD9’s and me being too lazy to encode everything

OM has coupons usually emailed to OM members similar to BB
they are $10 off $10 or $20 or $30 off $150
some people will sell their codes on ebay : will sell for in $1-2 range
and sometimes nice people will post the codes in slickdeals.net coupon sub-forum

My friends and I needed some Dual-layer verbatims, so did a combined order for 10 packs, and used a $30 off coupon.

That’s not a bad deal on verbatims at all :slight_smile:

Funny as I am registered but I haven’t recieved anything yet. Any chance these end up in the bulk mail folder?

I think you have to be a MaxPerks member, and not just registered on the web site.

Ah, okay.

OM also has 20 HP DL media for $15. I never had a chance to go there. If it is not MIS then I am gonna pick up some of the Verbs

Actually, the 20-pack of HP DLs are only $12.99.

And they are CMC D01

Is that a good or a bad thing ? Especially for DW1650 ?

I don’t know for sure how good they are.
I hope they are good because I got 2 packs.
Some in this thread have decent results.

Is this deal only online or can I buy them at the store?

It is just in store only.

Which deal? The DL Verbs are both (depending on weather or not your local store stocks them). @henry the initial results on the DL CMC Mag discs are NOT promising. A few configurations seems to get along well with them but there are plenty of failures to go along with them.