DL Service pack 4 W2k, Where is it?

I DL service pack4 for win2k at windows update and chose the Archive option so I can back it up to removable media.
It was 36MB when I started the download.

I assumed it would be sp4.cab, but sp4.cab is only 9,831k

Or do I back up this folder: $NtServicePackUninstall$
it is 149MB

When I first started the DL and chose “Archive”, installer gave directory similar to this: $NtServicePack$

I have 2 other dirs now:
$NtUninstallKB823980$ and $NtUninstallQ280838$
but they are very small.

I’m new to the NT based OS’s, so I’ll have more questions to come.

Thank you for reading this,

You need the network install.


Thank you BadReligionPR
But I thought I only needed what I DL earlier.
Earlier I was told to DL W2KSP 4 EN.exe, but it is 130MB
That would take me almost 2 days to DL

When I chose the “Archive” option at Windowsupdate, I thought I would be able to save my download for later installation.

I always do this when a new 9-10MB version of IE comes out.
I keep an extra copy on a Zip disc or archive it to CDR or DVDR

Thank you,

I think the archive option during installation is only if you want to uninstall it later.

Thank you BadReligionPR.
That seems to be the case since the folder is named: $NtServicePackUninstall$

I started the network install DL yesterday.
I have 80% using getright. I can finish that later today while I’m outside raking leaves.

Thanks again,