DL read problem (write ok) - lower writing speed? (MediaCSEdit won't help)


I can write video DVD iso image on DVD+R DL Verbatim blank but it does not read back or skip a lot, second layer out of the question, both in DVD players (tried two) and computer drives (tried two as well, including the one that recorded the disk). Any suggestions how this can be improved using existing hardware?

Specifically, is there a way to force writing speed to 1x (MediaCodeSpeedEdit won’t work on the firmware file from DELL)?

Drive: PBDS-DS-8W1P (came with DELL vostro 1400)
Firmware: BD1C - latest avaliable from the DELL site
Blanks: Verbatim DVD+R DL
Disc ID: MKM-001-00
Software tried: ImgBurn (Windows Vista), k3b (Linux)

I have tried both under Windows with ImgBurn and k3b under Linux Ubuntu. Same results: disk would finish writing successfully but won’t read or barely read menus and the beginnings of the feature with a lot of skipping then die.

I have recorded and played back successfully in the past, using the same hardware, software and media (different batch od blanks but same Brand and vendor).

I vaguely remember that in the past, I also had problems until I lowered the writing speed to 1x. Now I cannot do that! I can set it to 1x in the ImgBurn settings section but it will still write with 2.4x! The same thing happens with k3b under Linux.

I have tried MediaCodeSpeedEdit but it does not seem to support my hardware.

Is there any way to force writing speed 1x or at least lower than 2.4x? Is there another way to improve writing quality without replacing the hardware? Again, it seems to work, burning finishes without errors but cannot be read back, not with 2.4x writing speed.


If the disc cannot be read the write process will not be OK. Just finished the process of write cannot imply that the write is good.
The possible causes are bad media ( bad batch ), bad write strategy from the drive ( maybe a firmware update fix this - since you already update this will no help :frowning: ).

DVD+R ( DL or not ) have a minimal burn speed of 2.4x.

I suggest you to test another batch of media or single DL. Test with a know good quality DVD+R/-R disc to see if the hardware of the recorder is OK.