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I have been using clone dvd to make Dual Layer dvds. All of a sudden I now get an error. Software states source data too large(but its not). details list WriteDVD 14 W2. I using a samsung drive TS-H552B with latest update from samsung v11. I also tried an older firm ware version (v10) to be sure that it wasnt something samsing did. I use only memorex DL+R and have tried 2 different packages. I can try switching blrands however they always have worked in the past. also need to note that at work I use same version of clonedvd and same blank media and all works fine. So that leads me to believe its my burner drive. What I dont understand is why it worked on day then not the next, even when fir ware wasnt changed. Any Ideas are appreciated. Thanks.


you sure you have dvd-9 in the dropdown box under the preview window?


yes, I thought the same thing myself so I have tried it multiple times and tonight I made double sure to check. It also states under quality that I have 100% which I can only get with a DL.Samsung states it could be bad drive and to return it. Before I do that I need to try a different blank media. read another post here about book type and it says memorex stink. can book type be my problem? perhaps memorex changed something on ther blanks?


First of all, dump the memorex and never buy them again.

…perhaps memorex changed something on ther blanks? …
Ya!, about once a week … extreemly undependable media! Hint: if you resist this advice, you will get blasted from all six corners of heaven here on cdf. :iagree: This may be the end-all solution to your problem. Buy and burn only Verbatim +R DL media and booktype it to DVD-ROM format. Get the Verbs online if your local stores don’t carry them, and just wait for their delivery. Don’t buy the DL trash that is available on your local storeshelves.

If that does not solve your problem you might want to use Elby’s/Slysoft’s CloneCD. Be aware that CloneDVD places it’s own layer break on dual layer media. It does not use the original’s layer break. [I]You might want to try CloneCD which is the more correct Elby software to use for 1:1 dual layer mirrored copies that maintain the original DVD movie’s layer break point.[/I] Because it rips in “ISO Mode” rather than “File Mode”. When you make use of the original layer break, you are assured that the amount of data included on both layers of the original is already correct, that being optimized by the people who mastered the DVD original.

If you wish to continue using CloneDVD, I will now subject you to my deductive pet theory. Amatuer, to be sure, but I think valid: You see, CloneDVD places an “automatic” layer break at the end of the chapter closest to the original’s layer break. With certain DVD originals, they are so data packed (each layer is used to it’s fullest capacity) that CloneDVD’s automatic break can backfire. Sometimes … not often. “Automatic” shifting of the layer break by even a half a chapter can mean that too there is too much data on either side of the breakpoint to fit on either layer#1 or layer#2 … probably layer#1 since you are getting the message before burning.

[I]But I’m not sure of this and am very willing to stand corrected if James, Olli, or other knowlegable members would care to counter my theory[/I]. The following fix worked for me, but possibly for reasons other than stated in the previous paragraph.

A simple, but possible fix would be to remove any extra titles or audio/subtitle tracks you know you don’t need or, at best, can suffer without. But be sure to keep “Preserve Menus” checked. This method can free up the space needed on either of the layers for the burn to go ahead without an error message. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell, from CloneDVD’s interface, which titles are on which layer so just juggle a little and see if you can go to burn.

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thanks for posting whisperer1. I read your other posts. very informative. Verbatum from now on. I will however have to read up on the steps to book type my dvd rom? I just have now scratched the surface. Didnt need to do so until now. If it aint broke… Ill post how the batums do. Again thanks.


Your burner has to be capable of bitsetting AKA booktyping. If your burner does not have bitsetting capability, many here like the BenQ burners for their outstanding reliability.


What is the best program for DL


CloneDVD if you want to make modifications. CloneCD if you don’t or want to keep the useless “DVD-ROM additional content” like the InterActual player.
(Thank god AnyDVD kills it right away :wink: )


You mean generally?
Then ImgBurn/Dvddecrypter and clonecd!


Ok welll the verbatims didnt work. I guess that means something changed in my computer. dvd firmware or clone dvd that has made DL burns not possible. Will BenQ booktype software work for all burners? Looks like this may be the last chance to continue to write to DL. discs. Hope I can get this to work again.


No the BenQ bitsetting utility is proprietary for their drives. I know, just yesterday, reasonsnotrules got the BenQ 1655 on sale for $40 at Staples Office Supply store (if you are in the USA; maybe the sale is still current)

How old is that Samsung of yours? Also what speed did you burn the Verbs at?



you don’t say what version of clonedvd or anydvd you have. make sure your clonedvd and anydvd is updated to the current version. plus make sure your firmware for the burner took completely. and if your using +r dl media use clonecd. try it free for 21 days just to see if you can burn a dl. if it works then i would uninstall clonedvd (make sure you saved your key on something else besides your hdd so it won’t get deleted) and reinstall it.


I thought CloneDVD wasn’t that good with DL Media


I think the samsung burner is pretty new. came with my newer gateway. I am using the most current verisions of both clone dvd and any dvd. I am burning at default speed. Ther problem occures when the clone dvd first attempts to write. Error states that source data is too large. Ill try clone cd next, I didnt relize it could be used for dvds also. hoho10 whats the reason for the uninstall of clonedvd?


tried the clonecd. Got a message that stated the source disc is too large would I like to try overburn, Dont know if this is simular to error I got with clonedvd. I picked yes and dvd seems to have worked! I like the way clonedvd can remove chapters and also shows how much compression is needed. Can I rip to file or image using clonedvd then burn using clonecd? I will try this next.


well the dvd is unplayable on my set top player. I think Ill try swaping burners with the one at work.


Compression :confused:
If you use DL for backup why you would like to remove chapters and also there’s no compression needed. Much easier would be to create an image with clonecd and then burning with it.


your right no compresion on DL. But I do like to remove previews. How can I get my set top dvd player to play an image from clonecd? I see onother post on stating same troubles. May try to double check jumpers. I agree with someone on the other thread in stating its gotta be a firmware issue.