DL Printable DVD

Does anyone know where I could get some good quality Dual Layer Inkjet Printable +R DVDs? Can’t seem to find any anywhere. Do they even exist?


They do exist, I have some Infiniti branded 8x Printable +R DLs.

It would help people recommend places to you, if you tell us where you’re located. :slight_smile:

I live in Texas, but would probably order online.

Did you get your Infinity disks online? How are they performing? I’ve been hooked in Verbatum for non-printable DLs, but they are expensive.

Thanks for the info

Bought the ones I am using now from supermeida. 2.4X but have burned them at 4X and they burn great. Print nicley on the Canon iP4000, Epson R260 and the HP 5160.

You won’t be able to get Infiniti discs in the US, unfortunately. They’re actually not performing that well, so you’re not missing much :wink: (although their single layer discs with MCC mediacode are excellent).

What brand are you using?

I’ve been wanting to buy a few of these for months. Unfortunately they are sold in stacks of 20 and are too expensive for me. I don’t want them that badly.

Rima.com has both Ridata and Verbatim printables. Personally, I’d pass on the Ridata.

Quick question on the Verbatum Disks. I have purchased Verbatums with shiny tops (no branding) in the past from a few vendors. Can you print to these as well, or do you need disks that are specified by the manufacturer as “Printable”?


You might be able to print on such discs with a thermal printer depending on the printer and the media, but if you try to print on such discs with an inkjet printer you will make a mess with ink everywhere except where it’s supposed to be.

I figured that but just wanted to verify. Looks like I am going to have to invest in the expensive Verbatum Printable DLs. I have about 50 that were made using paper labels and I want to convert them to printables.

I’m not looking to make a bunch of coasters, so need something reliable.

Thanks Again,