DL Media

The rumors of DL media being available at the beginning of June have yet to pan out. I’ve been searching for DL media from a lot of the major internet sources, but no dice. I saw the post of a person going down to their local store to buy a media pack with an added bonus DL disc, but I have yet to hear anyone buy in a quantity pack (10, 25, 50 discs). Anyone have a retailer they can share?


The only place I’ve been able to find them is here: http://www.americal.com/pd/VER94912.html

$29.00 for 5
$143.75 for 25
$550.00 for 100

They’re way too expensive for me!


be patient, if you lived till today with single layer, think as if DL burners are not out before another 2-3 months, at that time prices will drop…