DL media waiting to be burned from a 812s,please help me!

Verbatims DL discs finally arrived in Greece and i just bought one for 14.10 Euros!!!
I currently have a LITEON 812s and its time to upgrade it to 832s so i can burn this Verbatim.
Which firmware do you suggest me ?
My only concerns are :
-not to affect the burn quality i had so far with my 812s US0Q for CDRs
and DVD+Rs SL (i only use + media).
-the burned DL disc to be compatible with my desktop DVD player
-and of course the LITEON drive to be still in operative contition after the upgrade :slight_smile:

Waiting for a reply
Cheers people!!!

u should use firmware CG3B from codeguys.

that means that the VS0A and VS0B firmwares are useless?
im asking because i’ve been watching all the threads on 812s@832s
and these firmwares where top in use for the upgrade.
and btw why are those firmwares not removed from the codeguys site?
i’m looking for the most stable firmware to use

Is the CG3B a good firmware to upgrade Liteon 812S to 832S? Reason I am asking is to be able to burn dual layer.

Also having issues burning dvd+r with the 812S. Will this help solve the issue?

I can burn dvd-r fine and plays on dvd player and computer fine. But with dvd+r it won’t play on dvd player and gives me trouble on the computer also. BTW have Mintek 1600 dvd player (MPEG capable also).