DL media Test: RICOHJPN D00 on 1620


I haven´t found any tests with this DL media yet.

So as I got the chance to get some media, I burned and tested it.

Here are the results:

  • Self authored content (DVB-recordings)
  • 8011 MB (nearly full, 100 MB left)
  • Write Speed avg. 2.25x
  • Write time: 00:46:09.797
  • Problems at the Layer Break
  • but the Reading curve is nice (done with speedpatched LiteOn 167T)
  • no reading Problems on Standalone at the layer change or at the end.

U can get this media at www.os-mediatrade.de for under 7 EUR.


Note the PO failures, that’s not good. Quality score reflects this. Perhaps the write strategy is not good for this disc or the disc’s are not very good. We won’t know until this media is more widely available.


Yeah, I hope its the write strategy. Since RICOH media in the past was always of good quality. And they are the cheapest (beside Riteks)

Would be good to see, how NEC performes on this media.


Hmm not good at all in fact thats worse than the Ritek DL discs I tried can remember if it was B7P9 or B7S9 I burned with it but the result was not so hot a score of 49%

I guess Verbatim are the only ones to keep using for the moment with BenQ

Hey Ladies / Gents,

Can somebody please post another DVD+R DL scan Burned with B7T9 FWare ?
(RITEK-D01-001, Verbatim MKM-001-000, or RICOHJPN-D00-001).

No offense, I know these disks are expensive. The thing is, I am planning on getting 10 pieces of DL media for my home-made movies, so if someone has already cooked any more DL media using B7T9 media it would be very kind and practical to post the scans.

One of the (BenQ) listed changes to FWare B7T9 reads:

  1. Support Ricoh DVD+R DL [RICOHJPN D00] media

Based on the experience Chefkoch81 had, i does not really work ! :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance, this is a great place, I am really proud to be part of it :slight_smile:

Hp. _

Yes, the Verbatim works well at 2.4X (I did not test at 4X yet)

I can’t post a scan of Ritek DL for now (file too large lol) but don’t use those.

Oops sorry, just see now that you asked for a burn with B7T9 ! Did not test yet but I don’t think it will change Ritek DL. Benq would have proclaimed it loud.

Ritek DL with B7S9 at 2.4X

Thanks for the scans SAPA, i appreciate it…

Very nice Verbatim MKM-001-000 scan by the way. I never burned a DL disk yet LOL :rolleyes:

The RITEK-D01-001 scan looks a bit :frowning:

To your opinion people, is it worth burning a Verbatim MKM-001-000 @4X on a 1620 (Benq says that From B7P9 on, disk is burn supported at 4X, right?). Anybody tried that yet ?

Do you think DL media will (come on, come-on, hurry up) get cheaper ?

SAPA what’s your opinion, would it be wise to stick to good quality Single Layer media (Yuden000T02 / MCC003/004) for now and wait for new (DL burning improved) FWare and better DL media prices, or you think it’s time to start using DL disks, like first thing next year ?

Your comments/opinions are kindly welcome everybody,

Hp. _

I think people burning DL media atm only do so for testing purposes and wait for a price drop to start using them for real.

Prices are slowly decreasing on those Verbatim DL but imho will be more abruptly reduced when -R DL are realeased, somewhere in the 1rst quater of 2005 (January ?)

Yes in the meantime, with the same money you can go on a spree for Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that double-layer recordable media is EXTREMELY difficult to manufacture in quantity, and that it may never be inexpensive because of this.

Then again, people are pretty clever when there is money to be made, so you never know!

I agree they are not that simple to produce in quantity for a target price. Ritek still is to find a way.
Nevertheless, the presence of -R DL on the shelves means doubling the offer to the market and hopefully will help cutting prices.

ATM there is but one reference decently usable : the Verbatim DL. Let us suppose that we see a very successful new -R DL, from Taiwan…Then I will be stocking Verbatim +R DL


As I was not sure about the data integrity on the RICOH disc, I decided to burn the same data on a Verbatim one.

MKM001 ( MKM 001 )
Burn done 4x
Average speed x3.67
Time needed: 00:28:15.890
PI Failures are much better
also there are no PO-Failures like in the RICOH disc
But the Transfertest of the RICOH disc is better

So basically it seems the Benq is atm not the best DL writer. For this the new LG is state of the art. 4x burning (also with RICOH) with superb quality.

Lets hope, Benq can fix this with a new Firmware.


Hi again!

For comparrisson with RICOH media I found in a Plextor Thread:

RICOHJPND00 @4x on LG 4163

A few comparrisson Links for the MKM001 discs:
Verbatim @2.4x on LiteOn 832S:

Verbatim @4x on Benq 1620 B7P9

Verbatim @2.4x on Benq 1620 B7P9

Verbatim @2.4x on NEC3500A

Verbatim @4x on NEC3500A

Verbatim @2.4x on LG4160


Using the Ricoh DVD+R DL on the Benq DW1620 with B7W9 using Nero Ultra
I Bought a 5 pack of these disks at like £20 and have cooked 3 of them ;(

It seems to freak out when going to start the second layer - also see “Nero always stops at 50% when burning DVD+RDL” : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=152076

Yup! I agree with that. LG 4163/5163 is the best burner of DL media yet…IMHO

Edit: I didnt see you mentioning which LG burner you used…

I tried to scan this burn all the way to 8gig but it still thinks its a 4gig disk.
(Probably because the second layer never got burned)

The scan disk shows half of the files as there and passed (green) but the other half of the files are all (N/A) but still green.

But none of this matters because Windows doesnt see any of the files - just a full disk.

Am i doing something obviously wrong here or are these just crap disks?