DL Media & Nero

I have some DL media comming today and i wish to try a full 1.1 backup of one of my original dvd movies,

My question is: if i just do a copy disc in nero will the layerbrake on my backup be in the right place (eg… will the same data be on layer 1 of the backup as the original or will nero just read the whole disk and put it back onto the backup anywhere it can ?)

Thanks :slight_smile:

No you cant just do a Copy to Copy in Nero. The DVD will be encrypted and needs to be ripped first to your HD with, say, DVD Decrypter as per usual. Then just burn that back as a DVD-Video with Nero 6.3.x

CM: i think you missed the main point of the question, which was more about the distribution of the files across the layers as well as the layer break itself. if you have anything to add about that, i’m interested as well.

this press release might provide some insight. however, i’m not sure how effectively nero’s solutions work for reproducing the file layout/layer break for commercial dvds.

“if i just do a copy disc in nero” - as I said, Nero cant do that so the rest of your question is irrelevant.

If you copy the DVD to your HD with Decrypter, the IFO files will still be pointing to the layer break that was on the original DVD. When you burn this back with Nero, then Nero is able to sort that out and point to the new layer break point, as it will not be in the same possition as the original. Original DVD can have varying amounts of data on each layer (such as 4.3gb on layer 1 and 1.7gb on the 2nd) where as for burning to DVDR DL media, it has to be burnt equalually to both layers. In the above example it would be 3gb per layer. Nero seams to be able to sort all that out automatically.

Friends have tried DL media burning with Nero and there is only the one layer break seen.