DL Media, is it just a belief that the life is less than SL?

I have several things that I need to backup, which are in DVD9 size, and it got me thinking if there has been any evidence to show that good quality DL media is worse in times of lifetime and durability than SL?

I use Verbatim MKM001/003 (MIS) and I actually get better scans than with the SL, in terms of PI/PO (MCC004, TYG03 ). Of course this may not translate into longterm quality, so I’m curious to hear your opinions on the issue?

The price issue isn’t much of a problem as one DL disc costs me £1, and two SL (40 p each, equal 80 p). So I was thinking instead of splitting all the stuff I need to backup, I might use DL media instead. Interested to hear the findings and input


I rarely burn DVD Double Layer discs, so I can’t provide you with real life experience in how durable they are over time.

A DL discs is more complicated to make than an SL disc, and the DL disc is harder to read because of the two layers with reduced reflectivity and contrast compared to SL.

So there are more things that can go wrong with DL media, and less degradation of the marks burned on the disc is needed before a disc becomes unreadable.

So in theory, an SL disc should be less likely to go bad in a certain amount of time if all other factors are equal.

If this translates into a real-world problem can only be answered by experience.

For data I wouldn’t personally choose DL for archival given the theoretical advantage of SL media. I would also choose to archive on two different types of DVD media or DVD media and another type of storage.

For DVD Video I might choose DL if that’s more convenient given the size of the original material, and have a second copy on something else.

Accelerated aging tests suggests DL is inferior to SL media.
From a production point of view. DL should be inferior when it comes to aging as well.

I personally do Dual layers back up on single layers. The dual layer disc is my disc for use the 2 single layer disc’s for archiving.

Generally, I consider that long-term reliability of any DVD media is kind of a bet. You can’t realy know unless you re-scan your discs on a regular basis.

I excluded proven unstable media, like Ritek G04/G05, from my personal choice, but for the rest, I think it’s very difficult to predict anything without collecting actual data, since in my experience even the burning process seems to impact disc stability. So it depends on burner used, batch of discs, local climate, storing habits etc…! :doh: too many variables to make sound assumptions as to what discs will last and what discs won’t.

Generally, I said. :bigsmile: Because for some reason, I never choosed to make archives (or even backups) on DL. It just “sounds” not sturdy enough a technology to me. Not very objective, I conceide… :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=joeb_uk;2213811]I actually get better scans than with the SL, in terms of PI/PO (MCC004, TYG03 ). Of course this may not translate into longterm quality[/QUOTE]Congrats, you seem to have a sharp mind. :wink: Indeed the two are not necessarily related, despite a rather common misconception. :rolleyes: