DL media in Europe,check this out!

then this:

I just saw this :


Can anyone tell me if this media code is applicable for the 812s@832 VS04?

BTW,dont you think that its very expensive??? :a :a :a

Any other sites in Europe selling DL media at lowest price??


I think this is the cheapest way to get DL discs at the moment (at least in Germany). At amazon.de they are 15.99€ if i´m not wrong. I would wait a few month until the prices have fallen.

Double Layer media on sale from Big Pockets UK at £8.45 inc VAT

Brand is Traxdata (RITEK)
Each customer is limited to one disc though :sad:
I ordered one to try out :slight_smile:

www.bigpockets.co.uk have got some Ritek DVD+R DLs in stock if anyone is interested in trying some, be quick though as they’re saying they only have 7. If anyone gets any I’d love to see some results, as I’m sure we all would :wink:

Hmm. I was going to copy this to the media forum. But I guess I accidentally hit “move” instead. Either that, or someone else moved it for me. :wink:

Wasn’t quite sure myself so I had to make a quick decision :smiley:

They’re going fast, only 4 left as i type

in italy i found a pack of 5 DL at 100 euro = 20 euro each…


(regarding the Traxdata/Ritek +R DL discs!)

Ricoh is apparently doing their production separately, and they still need some time to get off the ground. So as it turns out, these Ritek discs carry the Ritek code and not the Ricoh code. These discs are NOT supported in most DL-firmwares yet, including LiteOn and NEC!


THIS JUST IN!! All the UK peeps
RAMBOX now has ritek DL discs ready to be delivered to whoever orders first. Given that its £9.99 [at least thats VAT inclusive whereas komplett was ex VAT]don’t think its goin soon, but its here at least

Dunno if anyone had noticed, but at SVP they have Ritek DL media up for an estimated £6.99 each when they arrive on July 26th.

If this price is correct i’m definatly getting some to play with. Its expensive when u can get 25 single layer discs for 7.99 or less, but I remember when verbatim cdrs first came out and they were priced at nearly £6 each!

Oh dear Code, just my luck having ordered a (ritek) DL media to try out on me NEC. Oh well, :slight_smile: you never know, NEC may give us all an updated firmware to support this new media.

lives in hope


Ritek is a huge manufacturer. All the major DL drives will soon support it, including NEC. It’s just a matter of having a bit of patience. :wink: I wouldn’t recommend burning the disc without a new NEC firmware, as it has already been tried on another forum: the result is a lovely coaster.


I’ll take your advice and wait for a firmware update, and thanx.

At last some DVD+R media is beening released (July 26/28th) both Ritek & Verbitam 2.4X seems a bit expensive tho.more info here.