DL media at Best Buy!

Hey all,

Just thought I let you guys know that my local Best Buy has Verbatim Dual Layer media. I just purchased it tonight.

This is what you get in the package

1 DVD+R DL 2.4x
8 DVD+R 8x
1 DVD+RW 4x

It is called Double Layer Solution Kit. It is in very limitied quanities. I luckly found one on the shelve. It costs $29.99 not too bad, but not cheap either

Not bad for $29.99. Let us know how it goes.

These have been around for a few weeks now. If you search through the forums, you should see some results and KProbe scans/Nero DiscQuality scans for them.

Yes i posted last week on a burn of the dual layer disk that comes with these a mkm. used herries hacked fw on my nec 2500 results were excellent. :wink:


If its of interest to anyone, these show up on Dell Small Business at $26.45, states 1-2 day delivery.

Meritline.com is now carrying the Verbatim DL Solutions kit…Cost is $24.95 but ground shipping will probably run you 6$


Personally, I steer clear of meritline.com

They’ve screwed up many orders of my friends … what you receive is not necessarily what you ordered or what they show on the web page :frowning: