DL layer break, chapter skip finding/query



To all. I just noticed something interesting. Perhaps some of you can help. I played a DL disk and it skipped a chapter at the layer break… in my stand-alone player. However, When played in my PC it played fine.

I know that several people are having this same problem.

My question is, has anyone else noticed, or can now confirm, this to be the case with your “problem” DL disks as well? A theory is that maybe some stand-alone players aren’t up to the challenge of homemade DL disks yet.

What do you think?


You just asked the same question on previous post why do you have to make a new thread for the same subject?.


Um. I created this thread so that more users would be aware of it. It was buried there, hence me linking to here. That thread was not about this particular issue. But thanks for your help.


What software are you using?


Nero (newest).


That’s most likely your problem, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1088296#post1088296


I’ve seen it reported that DVDDecrypter can yield the same result though. And why would it play fine in my PC’s?

Thanks for the link though. Good reading.


I have had the same thing happen with DVD Decrypter and with CopyToDVD. I think its the DVD player. Some DVD players just don’t handle DL discs as well as others.

Both of my discs that I had problems with were Verbatim DL media, so I can’t even blame Ritek for the problem. :wink:


That seems to be a theme aye thegdog? Well if nothing else, perhaps this thread will lend some relief from the wonder. Heh

Thanks for the post.


Maybe we should start giving details about our DVD players that don’t make it past the Layer break or jump a chapter. Maybe if the same models come up we know its the players themselves. I’II start shall I?
Player: Loewe Xemix 5006


Both of these pause, then skip chapter at layer break:

Sony DVP-NS501P (also pauses here and there after layer break)

Memorex MVD-2022

Other than my PC players that do not have these issues, it would great to find a stand-alone that does not either.


This player will skip a chapter at the break:


I’m finding more and more proof that it’s the technology in stand-alone players that is to blame here. I ran several of my “bad” DL’s through all 7 of my DVD burners and ROM’s and none had any problems at all! Zip!

Perhaps someone could post some stand-alone’s that do play these without issue?

Standing hopeful. My 8’ screen is going to waste.


Adding this. I just finished testing all of the “bad” disks in my cheapo Acer notebook. All played without issue.

I truly think this is the problem (providing it was a good burn to begin with, of course), and not the disks/burners/software themselves.

This would then make sense why some users reported certain software would burn the disks fine while others would not. I suspect that the problem-free users were only playing these disks in there PC’s, and not stand-alone players! Make sense?

I suppose too that this could be a combination of the player, and the fact that some burning software may not write the layer break correctly. I’m testing pcgedit now and will report back.

Keep the reports coming.


All this leads me to think where are the commercial disks from and what software do they use. I have done quality scans on quite a few commercially pressed disks and have always had a 90 to 94% return.
Surely they burn disks the same way we do?


The guru’s could explain it better, but I know the process is not exactly the same.

Getting closer now though. For instance, I noted that DVD Shrink has a button to remove (or not) the layer break. It is checked by default to remove it. I didn’t know that. Duhhhhhhhhh! If working with DVD-9 you need to tell Shrink that, and to un-check Remove Layer Break. This should help them to play in stand-alone players.

Why do they play fine in PC units? I’m sure that the guru’s could explain that too.


Why are you using DVD Shrink on a disc whose output will be burned to a dual layer DVD? You shouldn’t. :slight_smile:

Actually, in the case of DVD Decrypter, it uses that information if you select to keep the layer break in the same spot. If you select to put the layer break somewhere else, I don’t know if it updates the IFO files or not. Not sure exactly CopyToDVD determines where to put the layer break.


They don’t. Commercial disks are pressed, not burned.

They are recorded to a master first. Sonic Scenarist is a popular DVD authoring software for commercial DVDs, as is Sonic DVDitPro and Adobe Encore to a lesser degree.

The composition and reflectivity of DVD+R DL media is different than a normal DVD disc.


Can you elaborate as to why please? Shrink will indeed work with DL disks, you simply have to set it up to in Options. Please explain. :slight_smile:

I use Shrink as an easy way to remove the menu’s, logo’s, etc. It’s a very clean, simply way to. This has nothing to do with fitting on the disk of course. I just don’t want to deal with /watch them.


Better use PGCedit and kill playback on the logos etc. then. Cleaner and equally simple. And IMO safer.