DL firmware upgrade for the 811s

I’ve read that Lite-On burners models 812s and above are able to burn DL media.

  1. Aren’t the 812s and 811s the same drive only that the 811s is black?
  2. Any word on the 811s being able to burn DL media?

the 811 and 812 are not even the same hardware inside , the 811 will never do DL, nor can it do -R 8x or dvd-rw 4x.

LiteOn’s naming convention is a bit strange (like how the 812S is newer than the 851S despite having a lower number). In order for their names to make more sense, it helps to break the model number down and look at it in reverse…

401S ==


411S ==


811S ==


451S ==


851S ==


812S ==


832S ==


1213S ==


1613S ==



So if you consider that last digit as the most significant (generation, I guess?), then you will see that the 811S is actually quite far-removed from the 812S.

So by this, the 451S “outranks” the 811S in terms of how new it is, and it seems to be reflected by fewer people posting about 451S problems (or more likely, that might just be a function of there being a lot more _12S or _11S owners than _51S owners since the _51S was kinda just caught in the middle)

Interesting statement… :cool:

It’s a little peremptory, but can you prove otherwise? :wink:

well, that sucks. I chose the 811s over the 812s because it was black. It was $1 more than the 812s =/

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m mistaken. I chose the black 811s over the beige 811s. I must have mistaken the numbers somewhere down the line.