DL DVD's burn fine, fail to read at 50%

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-E10L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Howdy,

I have run into puzzling behavior while burning DL DVD’s recently.

I have an LG GSA-E10L USB drive which I’ve had for a couple years and has been working fine with CD’s and DVD’s.

Recently I needed to burn a bunch of DVD-DL’s, so I ordered some blank media and started burning. About 20 DVD-DL’s in total. This was my first time burning DL media with this drive.

Later I went and popped those discs back in to read them and… alas, most of them won’t read correctly. More specifically, I tried creating images of them to test each one of them, and the process fails for most discs, always at 50% progress.

I did some reading and realized I should have bought Verbatim media in the first place (which I have now just ordered) instead of EMTEC which was cheaper but produced a pile of coasters.

Still, I’d be curious to get some feedback from you guys about why in the world they all seem to have failed at 50%. Does it have something to do with the layer changing halfway through?


  • Using a Macbook Pro, Mac OSX 10.5.5 and Toast Titanium 9.0.2
  • EMTEC media was 8x, burned at 4x and 2x with the results above
  • Some (a minority) of the discs burned AND READS OK (so the drive/software should be OK)
  • All burns completed OK, however I didn’t have Verification turned on and didn’t realize what I was running into
  • Trying to read (create an image) using the MBP’s built-in drive also fails at 50%
  • Haven’t tried burning with the internal drive

I’m really curious about the 50% error spot. I’m looking forward to proper burns with Verbatim discs - hopefully…

Thanks for any clues guys!


Yes your problems are occurring at the layer break. Some burning programs handle this better than others…we tend to recommend ImgBurn for anyone using Windows. I don’t know what is the best for Macs. In your case, the media is probably the main culprit.

By the way, don’t trust the burns that still read. They may not stay that way for long.

your problem at the layer break is fairly common, especially with cheap media. The only DL media you can trust is Verbatim.

Guys - thanks for the feedback!

I’m making images right now of the couple discs that did read fine, and I’ll burn them to Verbatim discs as soon as I receive them. AND I’ll test-read those thoroughly before deleting the images!

Thanks for the heads-up on ImgBurn - I have Parallels on my Mac so I’ll be trying it out as well. I did a bit of searching for advice on the best Mac burning app, but nothing came up mentioning any kind of particular treatment for the layer change on DL discs.

I guess I should have done more research before buying DL media initially, but I really didn’t expect to have less than 10% of useful media from what I thought was a semi-reliable brand (EMTEC). Shame!!!

Incidentally, are there any tools (Mac or Windows) I could try to recover my faulty coasters? I.e. something that will do its best to read the data around the layer change? Any extra DL DVD I can recover means days and GB’s of bandwith saved re-downloading.

In any case - thanks!