DL DVD without protection. OK to burn with Nero

If I have a DL DVD and I want to burn to another DL DVD, exact image, and it does not have protection… Would Nero DVD Copy with Verification be good enough ? Any reason to use other software ? Thanks very much.

Use Imgburn.

If it’s a movie DVD I’d rip it to an ISO image with DVD Decrypter and then burn that image with the same app or with ImgBurn. That way the layer break will be correctly maintained.

Well CloneCD from slysoft will do a exact 1:1 image of your dvd media as well. It does have a 21 day trial.

Oh ? Is Nero copying bit by bit from one to another ? So it should maintain the layer break right ? I don’t know… I’m just asking.

What the advantage, given that I just want to copy exactly from one DVD to another ? I don’t know… I thought Nero would just copy every bit from the original to harddisk and then every bit from harddisk to the new media. So what is the advantage of using Imgburn ? Thanks !

They’re all bit-for-bit copies but it depends whether you’re copying DVD-Video as files, or as an exact disc image.

The layer break is not composed of bits so it will not be taken account of when copying as files. Double layer discs have layers of slightly different sizes, and an ISO image copy will preserve the exact point at which the data storage changes from one layer to the other. In a movie it’s usually set where there is a dark or very slow moving scene.

Additionally, Imgburn is still the best burning software! :smiley:

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OK. Let me try to understand what you are saying. The DVD disk are slight different, so when I copy the exact image, it would not work cause they are different.

Where is the layer break information stored ? Is it in a file, like CCS ?


For non protected Dvds, your answer is in Post #3. By doing an ISO read you will create 2 files, one of them being an MDS file. This is the file that you ISO Write with ImgBurn because it contains the layer break information. If you have video files you can use ImgBurn in Build Mode.

I wouldn’t use Nero to burn a DL disc because from what i’ve read and experienced it doesn’t handle the layer break well. A lot of my movies would freeze at the layer break with Nero.

Ok. So what I thought… NERO (burning rom) would do is to transfer byte by byte to the new DL is not true. It will do some manipulation to the data before transferring to the new DL. Right ?

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Nero is kinda buggy for DL burnings.

Go for Imgburn!

I finally get the bottom of this. OK. I go for Imgburn. I need to rip it first right ? Is this the correct procedure ?

  • rip with RIPIT4ME
  • burn with Imgburn

I’ve bought the DL for sometime but I don’t dare to burn until I confirm that it’s going to work… very ex !

csc12345678, wrote "I’ve bought the DL for sometime but I don’t dare to burn until I confirm that it’s going to work… very ex ! "…
IMGBurn has a test mode…