DL DVD+R: What to get?

I’m new to the multimedia scene (and forums in general)… My question is: What is considered best for quality and longevity in the realm of DL DVD+R?

Verbatim is the only brand of DL media that is widely available and consistent enough for us to recommend.

Falcon brand DL media has a few supporters around here, but is not as easy to find.

The vast majority of the other DL media is simply not very good.

Do some reading in the Blank Media forum , read what’s said and look at the scans and make up your mind as to what you want. I know it is Verbatim +R DL MIS only for me. Any thing else is a waste of time and money. MHO

I’ve looked at some of the scans… Good info if you know what the hell you are lookin at… I read over some of the other thread topics and didn’t see anything specifically on DL media. Again, I’m new to this type of thing… Don’t usually talk to people on the PC. If there is information/opinions (a layman can use) that’s out there, I apologize for starting a new thread.

I have a basic, but good understanding of the PC, but not media; Which brought me to this forum. Educate me on how to find the answers I’m looking for without wasting anyone’s time.