DL dvd on NEC 3520A

My NEC 3520A works great, until I come to DL dvd burning. Then it will not recognise a DL DVD+R disc. I have tried various Brands of discs and have finished up with Verbatim DL DVD+R x2.4 (Advanced AZO) discs and it will not recognise them, (but it does recognise a pre-recorded Verbatim DL DVD+R disc).
CDSPEED recognises the discs as DL 7.9GB, and I used it to reset the booktype to DVD-ROM, but still no results.
I am using NERO 6.0.0 and the disc info recognises the discs as CD Available Capacity 65:54:00 579mb.

I upgraded the Firmware, off the NEC site, to 3.07 but got no better results.

Is NERO 6.0.0 responsible for this or is it capable of handling DL media ???

Any help would be much appreciated

Gerrie C.

Nero 6.0???

Update to immediately!

chef ---- many thanks for your response. I have upgraded Nero and everything is going nicely.

Gerrie C. :clap:

Sounds good.

Verbatim DL is the best choice.