DL DVD not recognised - Pioneer DVR-K14L

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-K315Z running Windows XP with a Pioneer DVR-K14L.

The laptop’s specs says it has a Double Layer DVD±RW Drive and the Pioneer specs also say it’s DL - however I can’t get any software to recognise either a blank DVD+R or a DVD-R Double Layer disk.

I tried the Nero InfoTool which came up with errors and couldn’t continue with either a DL or DVD-R disk in the drive.

Also installed some new DVD burning software and to see if this would reconise the disks but didn’t.

All CDs and normal DVDs burn fine - just dual/double layer are not recognised.

I’m guessing it’s a hardware fault - either the drive is faulty or for some reason it isn’t DL.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

I don’t think it can handle DL-.
DL+ probably, but only VERBATIMs.

Could be that SONY has deactivated something in their OEM firmware.

The DVR-K14 is based on the DVR-108 drives. It should be compatible with DVD+R DL media. It is possible that the SONY variant has that ability removed. You might consider using DVRFlash to cross-flash it to an official Pioneer DVR-K14 firmware package.