DL DVD disc on NEC3520A



I use a NEC 3520A burner but cannot get it to recognise DL discs other than Verbatim brand.
I have tried Datasafe, Datawrite Titanium, Ridisc, Ridisc Xtreme, and Bulkpaq discs but none of them are recognised as DVD discs, only as CDs.
The burner works perfectly with all the other Formats but not wit DL Formats. Reading another posting of DVD incompatibility I come to the conclusion that NEC seems to favour only Verbatim brand fo DL discs. Is this correct.??
I must use Verbatim Discs ??

Gerrie C.


Sorry fellas, wrong forum. Discovered the NEC forum after this posted, and more or less got my answer.

Thanks and apologies.

Gerrie C.


Yup, avoid all DL media except Verbatim.


Thanks chef ----
I had come to that conclusion

Gerrie C.