DL DVD capacity

Perhaps this is a dumb quesiton but … The new recordable DL media that has been introduced, with more hitting the streets soon. With the original single layer DVD media you could not copy even single layer store bought DVD’s directly to a DVD+/-R without compression programs because of the difference between recordable capacity and pressed disc capacity. Are the DL versions of the recordables the same capacity as the pre-recorded DVD’s? Could a full DVD movie with extras and all be backed up to a DVD-DL with no compression?

I’m just curious to see if the MPAA infected this second generation DVD recordable technology or if the media people smartened up to know that, by hook or crook, we’ll find a way to back up our movies. :bigsmile:

The whole point w the DVD+R DL (DVD+R9) is to hold the DVD-9 capacity.

Yes, it could (see above).